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“ increased our revenue tenfold overnight”

Petsky used Onboard to build it right.
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Increase in staff retention


New locations opened
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Introduce the customer and how they achieved success with your product.

They tried using their 5-star reviews to create a case studies page featuring the best of what they do. However, Michael soon realized that wasn't enough - even though people were coming in on Google search results and website clicks at first glance!

It turned out driving traffic towards those pages was also challenging for both clients AND employees working there; so Petsky needed something scalable alongside this strategy too:).

Solution was the perfect fit for Petsky's marketing strategy. With basically zero time spent on maintenance, they were able to concentrate their efforts into creating beautiful videos and social media posts that would appeal not only current customers but also potential ones with an innovative idea of how credibility can be shown off through this new medium!

“We’ve never seen such sustained growth”

Carob used to build it right.

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