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“We’ve never seen such sustained growth”

Carob used to build it right.
Key Improvements


Sustained growth year-on-year.


Increase in website traffic.
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Introduce the customer and how they achieved success with your product.

One of the most common challenges that Carob was struggling with was conversion rates, seeing as they were lower than the industry standard.
Trust plays a big role in visitor’s decisions to convert into customers and when it comes to first-time purchases there is naturally some level of apprehension from audiences making them less likely or maybe even resistant towards trusting any website enough for their money down payment (or worse yet - credit card info!). That's why proving yourself trustworthy & safe becomes critical if you want people to take action like buying something online!


Carob had been struggling to increase his website's conversion rates and display credibility, but he found a solution in the form of By harnessing social proof through streaming recent customer behaviors on his site. Carob has seen an instant boost with increased trustworthiness ratings from potential buyers who are now more likely than ever before!

“We’ve never seen such sustained growth”

Carob used to build it right.

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