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14 Best Social Proof Tools to Boost Sales in 2022

This basically means that to boost your conversion rates, social proofs are the ones you should choose and let the rest to the tools do for you.
Published on
February 21, 2022

Psychology is an essential element in business and social proof can be your guide to lead your business. 

Having observed your statistics and not feeling that much satisfied with the results, you may apply social proof tools. There is really no need to worry that there are many options for you to pick.

This basically means that to boost your conversion rates, social proofs are the ones you should choose and let the rest to the tools do for you.

What to Do to Provide Social Proof

You have decided to use social proof but you, also, need to know the things you can do to provide social proof.

Social proof is overall about trust issues. As customers rely on other customers and the tools we will mention, as the owner it can be good for you to trust social proof tools.

! Social proof works with certain well-known techniques and the mindsets are like,

  • The Product Ratings- “If people buy and like, this brand can be trusted and I can/ should buy as well”
  • Testimonials- “Experts advise that this product is better or the best, so I can count on what the professional ones say”
  • Celebrity Figures- “If this actor/actress promotes this product, I can also prefer it because it will become more famous and reliable”
  • Social Media Effect- “I always come across the same ads and also the influencers start to present the same product everywhere, so it is the time I should choose it as well”

Best 14 Social Proof Tools

Boosting your tools is everything to get a familiarity between your opponents and being known also matters to make the business properly. Here are the best 14 social proof tools that can do the job for you and provide the increased conversion rates.

1. Provely

provely website

Easiest social proof tool of all…

Provely offers you the past and live data of your customers, finds their current places when they sign up, and also prepares an area for their authentic creation. 

Although everything seems so easy-peasy, it has some problematic matters like designing, the pace of the page and location coding.

Finally, their plans start with $17 per month with the basic plan and it gives your money back if you are not satisfied with your experience.



fomo social proof platform website

The reflection of “fear of missing out” the customers, yet it does directly the opposite and helps you gain more visitors. 

The preference of most people, FOMO supports you with its chat and phone, live notifications, zero coding problems, integration option, geo-location and customization along with 29 languages.

However, it is a little complicated to use and there is a limited payment option. Reviews suggest that FOMO needs the development of an admin interface, and since it’s getting too many pop ups for notifying, customers can feel disturbed.

With its sales for yearly plans, starter pack is only $19 for the beginners and the ones who want to step.

3. ProveSource 

The most affordable tool of all, now… ProveSource tries to build trust with you saying that they already have many users and they trust it on their websites.

It offers a simple way of using, actions of newcomers, responses you get, support on social media, and trafficking with its unique qualities without the need of any coding, but only copy and paste.

There is always a bad side, of course. So many visitors come with the problems and sometimes the system can have difficulty in knowing the number of visitors. Also, they do not deal with smartphones and if there were not any tutorials, it would be really hard to adapt the system of FOMO.

When it comes to pricing, we should praise it. There are many plans for the customers aiming 1000 visitors for the beginning and starting plan is free without any need of a credit card. Let’s say you do not like the service when you try, then you can have your money back for sure.

4. LetConvert 

A promising tool for converting your rates.

Imagine a tool mostly depends on your customization and arranging activities like how many visitors come and what they do when they are surfing the website, supporting online chat, and optimization of mobile phones.

Though it is promising, there are still some ways to develop for the users who want a fast development process, response and feedback from customer support, road map and technical problem solving.

In terms of pricing, you can start with $4.99 with 14-day free trial for a month. Also, there are other plans that can support you with affordable plans and promises.

5. Notifia

Notifia gives importance to engaging, converting and retaining as any other normal social proof tools do.

While doing so, it does not stop itself from serving 2-minute setup, customization, and various types of communicating with the customers by messaging and pop ups in a quick way. Most importantly, Notifia displays 181 languages for you- it is such a pleasure to find a tool so multilingual.

Notifia’s problems are: it is like a helper tool with troubles in integration, customer support, and social media.

You can choose to start $9 with Growth or $149 as a lifetime payment.

6. TrustPulse

The newest tool of all, yet has a promising future.

TrustPulse prevents you from dealing with coding and it offers customization. Besides, you can check the actions of your visitors, and analytic notifications are provided. 

The only language it uses is English and customer service cannot give what is expected. Both features are not working as it should be and it can act by not taking permission from you while altering the pricing plans.

While pricing is possible for you to start with a basic plan by paying only $9, and here is some bad news: a free trial is not available in TrustPulse but only the money-back guarantee.

7. Nudgify

By being in 138 countries, Nudgify creates a remarkable internationality.

You do not have to deal with the integration of popular apps, but not all integrations are done, so you may have a problem in this case. Customer service is working properly, customization and 31 language options are available. 

However, Nudgify has problems in various integrations, naturalizing nudges and conveying the information without Zapier and alternative tools. 

Without any credit card, you can have a 7-day free trial and the Lite plan only needs $0.99 monthly to start. Moreover, when you prefer yearly payment, you can get 2 months free.

8. Boast

Boast works with video testimonials.

Boast is an effective tool that enables you to see customers’ reactions via mobile devices. It is said that the backend and frontend are very smooth to use when it comes to collecting clients’ opinions with webcams and videos recorded before. 

However, some mobile phones can have difficulty in recording and downloading the videos. Also, the users demand customization for the website.

When we deal with money, you need to pay $25 for solo plan if you decide to choose Boast

9. Proof Pulse 

ProofPulse is the next tool.

It presents videos to support integration, and it actually becomes efficient for the customer. Giving importance to UX in any business, ProofPulse has an elegant design and virtual chat to answer the questions. When free trial is a good reason, inclusion of A/B testing is highly important to maintain the effect.

Yet, customer service can sometimes be late to return to emails and it doesn't ease the learning curve process. Moreover, training tutorials would be more helpful for the ones who want to learn all and one who needs to use ProofPulse should be careful about whether their payment plan has changed or not.

The pricing plans say for the basic plan, paying $29 per month will be enough and it will give you 1000 visitors for the beginning.

10. SocialProve

There is a real aim with SocialProve as conversion +15% with small notifications.

SocialProve is another tool that provides language options and makes the customers feel the way they are unique. It definitely helps increase the engagement rate of the website. Besides, notifications are liked by the users’ customers.

Only huge problem is that people who use SocialProve want live chat or regular email checking of the website by the customer support members. Also, it is better if some customizable features are added.

Pricing initiates the beginning with $19 monthly and offers you a free version and trial if you would like to prefer.

11. Proven

Proven is a tool which we can mostly associate with WordPress plugin.

Firstly, it is very easy to do the setup for your website to boost with its simple interface. Documentation is available in a detailed way. You can prefer Proven if you want to check visitors and their activities. Customization is another aspect because they care about your website to personalize. Moreover, if you have difficulty in understanding the process, it has live training.

In Proven there are only 3 integrations possible: WordPress, Mailchimp, and WooCommerce. Also, their customer support needs to be developed since there is no online chat. Lastly for now, they can improve their pricing plans and free trial option. 

Talking about pricing, you need to compensate $39 for 1 site license, but you should be careful and follow your subscription because it renews until canceled.

12. Yotpo

It is known for basically being a review tool making your visitors happy by leaving reviews.

Yotpo is successful and satisfying in converting product reviews to site reviews. You even have a chance to filter them. Plus, it provides easy integrations and uploading qualified photos. Yotpo’s SMSBump offers you SMS marketing for your customers.

Their customer support needs to be developed because many users think that they are hard to reach. Also, the software has disappointing UX. Apart from that, API is limited and slowing down the website is a problem. Lastly, their language management system does not work how it is supposed to be.

Though for many, the prices seem unaffordable, they have a free trial that can help you to discover and it starts with pricing with the Growth plan with $19 per month.

13. Repuso

Repuso collects your reviews and shows them on your website.

It may sound so easy, yet there are more to mention. The users suggest that after building the workflow process, it is so simple to use Repuso, so the UI is satisfactory. It apparently frees you and your team from a burden. Monitoring platforms, reviews and channels are very useful in business. Plus, trafficking is easier with Repuso.

Again, in Repuso there is a customer service problem which needs to be revised and fixed because as far as we understand there is an inconsistency with it. It is, also, suggested that to include reputation tools like brand and social mentions can be better. Additionally, slow updates can be annoying sometimes

About pricing, there is a 10-day free trial and then $9 per month when billed annually. That sounds pretty preferable, yes.

14. Upfunnel

Influencing is easier with Upfunnel now.

Upfunnel aims to show the right trigger to the right person at the right time by giving importance to AI. Furthermore, there exists a dashboard to track your analytics along with customization options. To comprehend Upfunnel, there is documentation and online training to help you, so do not worry. 

Despite all, only English is supported. Also, integrations are not known much and mostly not listed. Lacking lead capture is another disadvantage of Upfunnel. Besides, it does not provide an API.

When it comes to pricing, there is a free trial available, yet the Starter plan needs $49 to start. 

Best of All 

According to their ratings, reputation, ratings and the effectiveness of becoming a social proof tool, FOMO and ProveSource can be preferred because people are more familiar with FOMO and while other tools build trust, FOMO will be a few steps further from them.

Also, ProveSource gives what people need in business, simplicity. Though simplicity does not sound so trustworthy, if people deal less with the apps then they could easily spare more time to convert in other ways.

Wrap Up

People who have faith in the magic of social proof mostly say “Seeing is believing.” That means you can provide your effect with the social proof tools we mention by believing what you see and making your customers believe that what you do is worth trying. 

We also think that you will be able to take care of your conversion rates more than ever. Therefore, we wish you luck in making the right choice for your business and a great day enjoying your feedback from your new tool. 

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